Seven years ago today, I was sitting at work in the campus computer lab, attending a bank of computers for all of three users. I was so overcome with boredom that I decided to open up Microsoft FrontPage.

I started typing on the subject of the application I was typing into, mainly because there was absolutely nothing else on my mind. As I typed, I became more and more upset with the program I was using.

Once I had finished, I uploaded the completed frontpage.html file to my tiny allotment space on OU's student webserver, vowing never to edit that file again under any circumstances.

Because, you know, people need to read about how upset I am about Microsoft FrontPage. People out there. On the internets.

Summers in the labs were incredibly slow, and by the time July had rolled around, I had already learned the ropes of the job. There was really nothing to do but wait until a printer jammed or a user at a mac terminal hit the eject button on the external floppy drive before unmounting the disk.

As a result, typing up rants and posting them became sort of a daily habit for me while working there. Some days, I'd have nothing to write about, but that rarely stopped me. Nor did any preconceived ideas of coherency or sanity impede my art.

After finishing college, the posting frequency dropped off a bit due to distractions like a full-time job getting in the way of new content. The site has moved around a bit as I've changed locations, spending time at a .edu, buried on cox's customer space, and now here, at a domain I'm actually paying for.

I guess I'm strolling along memory lane here because I've been maintaining some form of this website, adding to it, cultivating it, not unlike a digital zen garden, for a quarter of my life. Since starting this weird activity, I have...

Or to phrase it more succinctly, I have involved myself in other, also-weird activities. And somehow I've managed to come back to this place two hundred times in these past seven years to discuss things that upset me in the most one-sided way possible.

And that's really what sets these rants apart from your average so-called blog. There's no comments field. There's no conversation taking place. The backend of this site has slowly developed into a blog-like engine, but the end user still gets a decidedly Web 1.0 experience. On purpose.

The only places I get true feedback from EYI rants are over IM or on some other social networking site, where I quietly posted a link to possibly controversial or scandalous material. But here, on this domain, I'm always right.

I don't often do this, but post #200 seems like an appropriate place to thank you, my readers, for quietly checking in, entertaining yourselves, and quietly checking out.

And if you haven't looked around at the other 199 posts, why not be magically whisked away to a random selection right now?

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