With the passing of this day, a burden of epic proportions has been lifted from my shoulders.

For the past eight months I have been dreading yesterday, as it has been the end-all deadline for all of my school-related compositional efforts. A single hour, planned meticulously in advance for over half of a calendar year.

Contrast this hour with any other representative hour that has transpired in my entire life and you'll notice a spike in planning from around zero to 100%. The relative stress level is roughly directly proportional.

The show itself couldn't have been executed more smoothly. Thanks to my numerous friends and colleagues and their selfless desire to put on the greatest show Catlett Music Center has ever seen, everything I had planned for went on without so much as even the slightest hitch.

The resources pooled for the entire production, including audio equipment supplied by the school and multimedia capabilities supplied by the good folks of 12th street, surely topped the $12,000 mark without sweating. The instrumentalists were more than happy to oblige, and their collective musicianship sealed the artistic quality of the show.

The result? An electronic presentation with video, an acoustic string quartet, a nine-movement sonic exploration in bite-sized chunks, a quadraphonic journey into darkness, a twenty-minute sax+tape odyssey in three movements, and a battle between good and evil sea-creatures.

The successful completion of this concert clenches my ability to graduate with a music degree in exactly eight semesters, a feat rarely duplicated, especially with transfer credits to take into consideration. Without even one of the illustrious individuals who contributed to the success of this recital, I would not stand where I stand today.

Even though I have thanked each one of these people numerous times, I still do not feel that my full gratitude has been expressed, so I shall now take the opportunity to do so now.

Dr. Christian Asplund, Vance and Becky Beauregard, Shelli Beauregard, Michael Christensen, Chris Corbishley, Martin Gardner, Jon Haek, Dr. Gail Hall, Ben Harris, Alexis Lantgen, Marty Martin, Chad McKinney, Curtis McKinney, Dr. Brian Shepard, Joe Skinner, Weini Tekeste, and Stephen Tyler, I thank each one of you from the deepest regions of my soul for your inspiration, support and hard work.

This recital was just as much a celebration of your support as it was a presentation of sounds I arranged on paper or on tape.

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