Net Access

After a year of living on my own, I finally broke down and ordered high-speed internet service.

A lot of people who know me would respond to such a claim with bewilderment.

“You of all people? Going a year without your own internet connection? I'd have figured you would have ordered internet before cable or water! How did you get by for an entire year without internet access?”

That's where most people just don't understand the difference between having access to the internet and paying for access to the internet, but truth be told, the last time I ponied up the cash for a 'net connection was October 2002: The DirecTV DSL Experiment.

Once I moved, I thought (at first, at least) I could leech off of the neighbors' wireless connections. Living so close together in an apartment complex renders a very well-populated wireless networks list. For example. here's what my list looks like right now:

Trey's Wireless Network site scan

Clearly, I'm not located in an ideal area of my apartment right now, but if I was desperate enough, I could find an ideal spot to connect to one of those unsecured networks. I was known for going out to the parking lot and surfing from my car, if the situation warranted it.

That went on for a few months until I got hired at Eskridge. Where they pay me to be on the internet. Are you kidding? I get paid to surf the net! What could I possibly need from the internet at home that I couldn't get at work? (Well, aside from porn, obviously).

I was unable to come up with a sufficient answer to that question, so for a year, my household was internet-free.

During this period, I registered three domain names and updated each at fairly regular intervals (until interest waned, which it always inevitably does). And then there's all the music, TV series, and other assorted torrents I sucked down for my own personal entertainment. All network access was provided free of charge, at business broadband speeds, courtesy of Eskridge Auto Group. Thanks!

But here's where it gets better: Turns out, Eskridge is offering to pay for my home connection now, too. Additional free internet. Don't ask me why I didn't jump on this deal earlier. Chalk it up to ignorance, laziness, or just the sheer novelty of boggling people with the notion that I'm not wired at home.

I've got to admit, when somebody comes to me with an internet issue, they ask me what I use at home, and I tell them "nothing", the look of complete bewilderment on their face is priceless.

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