At last: the long-awaited diatribe against animè!

-So are you going to watch animè now?
-Why not?
-Because I don't want to.
-When will you want to?

From a constant prodding from Jesse, who demands why I refuse to ever watch animè, it has come to my attention that I don't have any solid reasoning behind refusing to view any selection from this massive genre.

But I stand fast. I have categorized this along with other activities I will never partake in: consuming alcoholic beverages, watching Star Trek, and engaging in pre-maritial, extra-marital or homosexual intercourse.

And to prove to myself that this is true, I followed a search link to an animè-themed website and chilled myself to the marrow with the images that loaded with that page. I don't care about the quality of whichever cartoon is the subject matter of the website in question. They all look the same. And I have no desire to sit there as these giant-eyed freaks purported as human beings babble on and on in supersonic japanese. This is not entertainment to me.

-Oh, but the story is fantastic.
-Don't care.
-Watch it just for the story.
-It's the best story I've ever seen in any medium.
-Good for you.
-Blah blah blah blah blah blah fight scene blah blah blah blah blah blah hentai blah blah--

I can understand the frustration on the persuasive end of this conversation, as I basically ignore everything being said, but it's only because I deeply, genuinely don't care.

I don't necessarily look down upon those who view animè on a regular basis. The brain rot is fairly self-evident in the more advanced cases, and therefore spills over into other realms where I allow myself to look down upon said individual.

And you'd think, with the sheer number of people I know who are into animè, that I'd've broken down and watched at least one episode after all this time. But you'd be wrong.

Honestly, even if it were live action, I still wouldn't watch a show about a guy who becomes a woman as soon as s/he gets wet. That's just not up my alley.

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