At a Loss

I'm at a loss for words.
I cannot think, much less rattle on and on
And on about some worthless
Happening of long ago.

I'm moving past of all
This nostalgiafest
I've done without it in
The past, but no one else seems to agree.

Closure's overrated
Nostalgia's geriatric
Live what's right in front
Of you.

If it's happening to others,
Good for them
But if you want it to happen to you
You need to redefine who you think you are.

When you think you have the answer
Keep it to yourself.
No one learns a thing when it's
Dropped into their lap.

Organizing, planning
They've got a place with us
But as it overshadows the goal
Priorities have been misplaced.

Experience your life
And add to that of others.
The second it's the other
Way around, you've got to stop.

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