Beyond University

Grades just came in today, and it's official. I'm a graduate.

This is yet another of those things I had no way to anticipate. For all this time, I've been going to school, thinking that this is always how it's going to be. I've moved out of my apartment in Norman, and none of the roommates are living with each other any more. It's a surreal thing when you realise you're the glue holding people together in any situation.

I'm glad to have the classes out of the way (especially conducting and orchestration), but I don't know how I'm gonna get by without all of these folks around as much anymore. The roommates, the composers... everything's completely different now, not to mention Curtis getting married today. I wish I could have been at the wedding, but I've already been on the Turner Turnpike about 11 times this week.

Moving back in with the parents is a taxing experience. My room is difficult to discern from the eighth circle of hell, and a severe case of tendonitis has employed me as my Mom's thumbs.

On the plus side, I'm finally hooked up with broadband internet, so I suppose I can still stay somewhat connected with the composers. I'll also have time (once my crap gets a permanent location) to sit down and clean up Astral Projection, along with the drafting of some sacred brass- and woodwind- quintets for my church orchestra to perform. By the time November rolls around, I should have a nice portfolio to submit to any grad schools I find to apply to.

I guess this is to show me that no matter how organized I think my life is, you just can't plan everything.

Besides, if that were the case, how boring would life be?

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