Blue Logos Everywhere!

Amongst the traffic I was fighting in Tulsa this past weekend, were two corporate vans. Initially, I thought I was experiencing déjà vu, but after a double-take, I realised that these two vans were cruising the town as part of two separate corporations. DirecTV on the one hand, and Cox Communications on the other.

Cox CommunicationsDirecTVBoth corporations apparently have endless fleets of white Ford E-250 Vans, and they're both painted up with their predominantly-blue corporate logos.




AT&TSBCThen, as I continued driving, I noticed several miles later that AT&T has basically the same motif going on with their white Ford Econolines. And come to think of it, SBC, which they just absorbed, had those same vans.

All these vans look the same!



DellHPBut it doesn't stop there. Apparently tons of companies love this blue-on-white motif that apparently puts consumers in a buying frenzy. Especially technology companies. Take Dell, HP, Intel, and IBM.


IntelIBMYou know they've got the same vans as these other guys. Rampaging the town with their technology and their technicians who drive more aggressively because they have the security of pylons watching over them.


MaxtorWestern DigitalEven the hard drive market is cornered by Blue-on-white corporations.


CommodoreSegaThen there's guys you don't even think about. Commodore? Sega? Who's even though about these guys in the past decade? But they're still sporting the blue-on-white motif.

Is anybody else sick of all this blue? It's enough to make people depressed when they're trying to buy technology. In fact, according to this article, that's what blue's designed to do. That and make you feel like they're smart.

I guess these folks can keep their identical logos. Apparently, they simply want to make their customers feel sad because Sonic the Hedgehog is smarter than they are.

Sad thing is, that's probably true.

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