Orchestration Study Guide

Not entertaining. Just helpful for Friday's exam. Look somewhere else for something less educational and more amusing.

Instrument Family Instrument Transposition
Written Range Dynamic Curve
staff Low High Low»High
Horn F Horn vP5 hn.gif D below B.C. High C [low F]
Trumpet Bb vM2 tpt.gif Low F#
(3 ledger lines below T.C.)
High C !___|
Piccolo (A + Bb) ^m6/^m7
Trombone Tenor As written tbn.gif E below B.C. Bb in T.C. |<|
Bass As written btbn.gif C below B.C.
(2 ledger lines below B.C.)
Tuba Euphonium As written B.C,
vM9 T.C.
tbn.gif E below B.C. Bb in T.C. |__|
Tuba As written tba.gif Low D
(5 ledger lines below B.C.)
Middle C
title composer movement instrument featured
Serenade Britten Prologue, Elegy Horn
Horn Sonata Beethoven - Horn
Brandenburg Concerto #2 J.S.Bach - Trumpet in F
Icarus Wept Mobberly Getting Waxed Trumpet
In Memoriam Dylan Thomas Stravinsky Prelude/Postlude Trombone
...through the watches of the night Bahr - Trombone Choir
Tuba Concerto Vaughn Williams III Tuba
Capriccio for Tuba Panderecki - Tuba/fluttertongue
...and the mountains rising nowhere Schwantner - Wind Ensemble
Music for Prague Husa I Wind Ensemble
Music for Brass Instruments Dahl I Wind Ensemble

No, seriously. That was *NOT* entertaining. I can't believe you're still reading this. Go to solidsharkey or something.

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