You're Off My Christmas Card List

RE: Christmas cards

It is with much regret that I am writing this letter, but with recent budget cutbacks and the flailing economy, it has been decided that only those who haven't annoyed me, made more work for me, or have caused any amount of grief, either actively or passively, shall be receiving a Christmas card from me this year. I have been forced to cut costs, so each card I submit must maximize potential returns.

I understand this may cause some confusion, so I will be as specific as possible. Those who shall not receive a Christmas card this year include the following:

Even though you won't be receiving a Christmas card from me this year, I would still like to extend the warmest holiday greetings to you this year. And if you decide you want to be reinstated for the 2009 holidays, all you have to do is stop doing everything on this list.

Also, if you did not find yourself described in this list, read over it again.

Happy holidays!

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