Cinco de Mayo

Ah, yes. Cinco de Mayo.

(Or since I've not posted here in awhile, Treintecinco de Avril)

An excuse for Americans to eat Tex-Mex and drown their repressions in fermented beverage.

If I were of Mexican heritage, I would surely take offence at what the US has done to this otherwise wonderful holiday.

Mexico asserting their independance and soverignty as a nation is certainly no excuse to get hammered, stagger home, and abuse your spouse. Many brave men fought and died to defend their young nation from the imperialistic French government; all of this drunken carousing is a veritable slap in the face to any descendants of those men.

But what is really striking is how little the above-average person really knows about the history of our neighbors to the south. Like their official independence day is September 16. Or that Cinco de Mayo isn't even celebrated nationwide in Mexico, but rather the celebration is concentrated in the area of Puebla and Xalapa.

More saddening still is how little we know about our own history. The battle of the Alamo, for example. When did that happen?

Everyone always says "Remember the Alamo", but do we? Nobody can even tell you what time of year it happened off the top of their head. The Texas revolution was a pivotal time in the life of our country.

All people can remember now is that it's somewhere in Texas.

The who, the why, the what, the how, and the when just sort of faded into the background.

"Remember the Alamo!"

Maybe the Texas militia at San Jacinto should have been more specific.

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