The following conversation took place regarding an excursion to view the most recent installment in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The subject with which I was conversing had gotten his wisdom teeth pulled the day before. The ensuing interchange has not been altered in any way.

Thu Dec 19 10:18:24 2002
Brandon: waht to go to the 2?
Trey: i can do that
Brandon: ley me make sure theah have tickeets still
Trey: 'k
Brandon: 3a*
Trey: they all are
Trey: that should be no surprise
Brandon: ok with payin 7 dollars
Trey: #= capital three
Trey: i suppose so
Trey: they better be great seats for that price
Brandon: its either that or try yo go and get thm
Brandon: its the same place we saw episode 2 in
Trey: yeh, QSM
Brandon: whats that mea
Trey: quail springs
Brandon: yeha
Trey: i can handle the price difference
Trey: i'm not poverty-stricken
Brandon: I am...j/k
Trey: ha
Brandon: ok. I will oreder them
Trey: cool
Brandon: do you remember where my dad lives?
Trey: yeah
Trey: i've been there 80 bazillion times
Brandon: ok, come get me at, what time do you thuinig...itt takes ike 40 miinuetes to get there
Trey: 1:00
Brandon: ok...mayevb 12:10 SO SO i AM SURE iA M REAY
Trey: ha
Trey: are you on painkillers?
Brandon: yEAH
Trey: i suspected as much
Trey: are you sure you can do a 3-hr film?
Brandon: dude, I don't reameber nothing from yesterda. I woike uop this mornning suspectiong of going to geth then puuled
Brandon: I will be fine
Brandon: I only get dizy as I walk around
Trey: allright
Brandon: do you not want to go?
Trey: i'm cool with it, i just wasn't sure if you could handle all that excitement
Brandon: ok, we a go...see you about 1
Trey: allrightey
*** Brandon signed off at Thu Dec 19 10:18:09 2002.

Remarkable how slurred typing reads the same way slurred speech sounds.

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