As a college student, I've always relied on my extreme independence to get through the daily grind of life. In the dorms, and even at Yorkshire, I could come and go as I please, using my foot-propelled two-wheeler to cover seemingly large distances over a brief period of travel time.

Since I've moved a considerable distance (on foot) away from campus, driving to my daily commitments has become a necessity. Of course, when making relocation decisions, one rarely factors in the importance of a motor vehicle while one is readily accessible at a moment's notice.

For eight months, I was completely content to work at my own pace, never be in a hurry, and leave whenever I felt like it. I never had to make sure my schedule coincided with anyone else's and never thought twice about it.

The majority of the time, I marveled at how I arrived at home when no one else was present, but I never gave any mind to it. Different people have different schedules.

Now, I have to get up earlier, wait around once I've finished my on-campus duties and don't get to bed until later, sometimes unable to sleep at all. An inconvenience yes, but it's something I believe I can deal with.

It's the constant bumming of rides that gets to me. I know most people don't mind, or are even more than happy to share their car to help me out, but it's the position of complete transportational helplessness that makes me feel like a drain on the people who are helping me out.

I'm just lucky to have friends who can split the load of transporting a Trey to and from where he needs to be, and with schedules that slightly coincide with mine, if even that coincidence takes place once a week.

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