Deposit Slip: Document of a Forgotten Era

So I'm at the bank today, depositing three checks into my all-but-depleted bank account. I spend a few minutes at the counter provided for filling out the deposit slips and do exactly that, making sure that the information I copied down was accurately reproduced, and in the proper blanks.

When I finished, I took all the paperwork to the teller, who received it happily. After taking one look at the deposit slip, however sloppily printed it may have been, she commented to the teller to her right on how beautifully filled-out my deposit slip was.

Now, having an occupational teller for a roommate, I had heard (second hand, of course) that there were people on this earth who couldn't fill out a deposit slip to save their own life. But I ask why. The slip isn't written in some foreign code. You have checks to deposit. They have check numbers and amounts of money to be paid on them. Where's the black magic involved in transferring this information from check to deposit slip?

Apparently, this skill is only bestowed upon tellers themselves, and are frequently asked to fill these slips out for customers.

And me.

It doesn't so much bother me that I was praised for properly filling out a deposit slip, or even a reaffirmation that I am among the top 10% of the intelligentsia in our fine nation. Of that I am fully aware. It is that the vast majority of the population, including chemical engineers whose higher education was fully subsidized by the government, maintains a complete inability to figure out a tiny, mundane, form, without which no one would be able to flaunt their riches.

I propose that from now on, if a person presents a blank deposit slip and asks the teller to fill it out for them, they do so. Fill it out to be deposited in my account. If they can't fill out a deposit slip, they've probably never tried to balance their checkbook either, so they'd be none the wiser.

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