Dihydrogen Oxide


It covers a vast majority of our planet.

It makes up most of us as humans.

It's everywhere, and it's what makes life possible.

For thousands of years, man has used water to hydrate himself and his crops, knowing that without water, life cannot continue.

The ancient Greeks devised a complex network of aqueducts to make sure the citizens had access to it at all times.

As the industrial revolution took hold on our country and citizens started living closer and closer together, man devised a method of delivering consumable water that was both efficient and economical.

Then soda companies burst onto the scene and began peddling an alternative to water. Beverages that serve the opposite purpose of water: dehydration.

The masses welcomed this new sugary beverage with open arms. And why shouldn't they? It's delicious!

Soda grew for decades into a huge, multibillion dollar, worldwide industry; a juggernaut that could not be stopped.

In fact, they looked at water, hearing the still small voices of general nutrition knowledge declaring that soda is bad for you and that the only beverage absolutely necessary for life is water. And they started bottling it.

Bottling the same thing that comes out of your tap at home.

And somehow, driven by the marketing power of the multibillion dollar worldwide soda industry, people believed the myth that bottled water was superior to their tap water at home.

People only believe what they see on television.

Today's society firmly believes that anything they consume should have a flavor. Including water: a substance so basic, its recipe can be written out using three characters.

Because television told them, thanks to the multibillion dollar worldwide soda industry's marketing dollars, that their flavored water tastes like fruit or vegetables or meat or sugar.

“Oh, I know I should be having water, since I'm on a diet, but I don't like water. It doesn't taste like anything. I'll just have a diet cola.”

You're an idiot. You're on a diet, so you select a "diet" beverage with just as much sweetener as everything else.

People are convinced that they must spend premium dollars to get what's best for them, even though the cheaper (free) alternative is the most health-conscious option.

What really twists logic is the little packets of sugar that are measured out to add flavor to those half-litre bottles of water that have somehow managed to reproduce across the world: yes, you overpaid for your water in an attempt to look like you're trying to be healthy, but at the last second, you decide you want Kool-Ade? Diet Kool-Ade?

Depart from me; you make my brain bleed.

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