Double Vision

I spent most of this weekend avoiding natural light. The only time I went out on Saturday was after 9pm when there were no traces of sunlight remaining.

The only time I opened the front door on Sunday was when Jason and Kellie dropped by, and a couple hours later when the pizza guy showed up.

So the first time I was finally forced to face the sun one-on-one was this morning. I don't have to remind anyone that we're not exactly friends.

Unpleasant as that whole ordeal was, the other things that greeted me in the Monday sunlight were a touch more unsettling.

Sunning themselves on a brick ledge were a pair of kittens, their gaze fixed on me emerging from my cocoon of darkness.

As I walked past them, their vigilant gaze following me as I went.

Part of me urged my brain to ignore it, but I was uninterested in what that part of me had to say. I stopped in my tracks and reversed my steps to see how the kittens would react.

Like hypnotised twin toddlers with a gleaming pocketwatch dangling before them, their unblinking eyes remained locked on me.

Enough of this foolishness, I have to get to work.

Before I had time to recover from the double-shot of creepy, I glanced up to where my car was parked. Two spaces down from my car were a pair of Blue Chevy Cobalts, same model year, same trim level, same color, and I had never seen either of them parked in my apartment complex until today.

Maybe when I go to get my mail, I'll have two economic stimulus checks waiting for me...

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