Advanced Orchestration: Final Study Guide

Insert white noise here. Because you obviously stopped listening æons ago.

Sound Mass (Sonorism) School (filters, subtractive synthesis, high pass, low pass, band pass, notch filter)

Sonic Exuviation - thick texture giving way to thin texture: a type of orchestrational juxtaposition

3rd stream - coined by Gunther Schuller

2nd Viennese School: Berg: romantic, looking backward | Schoenberg romantic, looking forward | Webern : sparse

Tchaikovsky's 4-part texture: 2 melodies- one in strings, one in WW | harmony in brass | Bassline in Bass instruments

Crumb vs. Schwantner
focuses on extended techniques "pedal-down orchestration"
harmonics instrumentalists called on to sing
Penderecki vs. Ligeti
indeterminacy aleatoric
Band vs. Wind Ensemble
Fred Finnell - 20 September 1952
few original works smaller instrumentation
bad transcriptions standard original repertoire
*lots* of doubling 1 on a part

Indeterminacy: a choice is made by performer

Aleatoric Composition: the composer notates the final outcome

year composer title/mvmt identifying properties
1850 Wagner Lohengrin - Overture  
1878 Brahms Symphony No. 2/I  
1886 Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3/opening  
1888 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5/IV  
1897 Richard Strauss Don Quixote/Opening  
1905 Debussy La Mer, I  
1909 Schöenberg Five Orchestral Pieces/Farben  
1912 Ravel Daphnis and Chloe/opening  
1918 Ives The Housatonic at Stockbridge sonic exuviation
1920 Stravinsky Symphonies of Wind Instruments  
1922 Berg Wozzeck/excerpt whole-tone section
1934 Hindemith Symphony Mathis der Maler/I  
1944 Bartók Concerto for Orchestra/III  
1957 Stravinsky Agon/I-VI transitional work between neoclassicism & serialism
chamber treatment of orchestra, smaller textures
1961 Ligeti Atmospheres Ligeti
1966 Penderecki De Natura Sonoris No. 1 Penderecki
1972 Druckman Windows Juxtaposition
1977 Crumb Star Child/Intro: Desolato  
1977 Crumb Star Child/Musica Apocalyptica  
1977 Schwantner ...and the mountains rising nowhere pedal-down, textures building upwards
1981 Corigliano Promenade Overture

tribute to Haydn's farewell symphony (enter vs. exit)
retrograde of Vn ending in Tpt.
Williams-esque bress fanfare

1986 Adams Short Ride on a Fast Machine woodblock throughout

Find a pistol. Look down the barrel to verify that it is loaded. Pull the trigger. Thank you.

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