The Paradox of Finals Week

Finals week: the administration understands that every class you're enrolled in wants to test you on the same week. To counter this, they have decided that the student is better off not going to class, relieving the average stress level across campus considerably.

But, to students like myself, who consistently attend class, but rarely study for the exams spread throughout the semester, this canceling of classes results in an increased amount of free time.

Sure, part of me keeps prodding at my will to break down and study, but the rest of me says, “To heck with academics! Sleep's where the fun's at!” In a study group of one, after all, I am completely useless.

So after I got off my one-hour shift this morning, I was faced with a dilemma. Should I go to the music library and look over my notes until 1:30 or go home and eat, using the rest of my time to look over the notes? Obviously, since it was 10AM, my stomach pleaded with me that I, as it so eloquently stated, “put stuff in me!” As a result, my destination was #306.

A sandwich was made, notes were taken out and formed glaze over my eyeballs, and my attention was caught by the box sitting on the entertainment center.

You see, this weekend, our apartment acquired (on loan, of course) an identified finals-week distraction from a diligent older brother of a #306 occupant. His claim was, if he allowed the GameCube to remain in his house, he would likely fail his finals. Smart fellow.

So I fired up the machine and took a crack at Metroid Prime.

It's over for me. This game's so freaking cool that I can't stop playing it. However, the chemical engineer of #306 has prevented his PS2 from entering the dwelling for just this reason. I was sure that, especially this week, he wouldn't allow himself in the same room as an active GameCube, much less watch others play it.

Well, as soon as I was mercilessly killed by an exploding space station, I tossed the WaveBird in his general direction, and on MONDAY of FINALS WEEK, FALL 2002, he began PLAYING METROID PRIME like it was a summer weekend.

Fast forward to December 26, 2002. Final grades are posted online. Chem-E's grades read as follows: D|C|C|D|I|D

Curse you, Nintendo.

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