People have been complaining rather loudly over the past year or so about how expensive gasoline is. Of course, the loudness has been reduced as of late since the supply has caught up with the demand enough to drop the price per gallon by around 30%. Color me surprised. I didn't think it would drop back below $3. Just know it'll be back in that range before too long.

For a long time, car dealerships were beating the dead horse of high gas prices to move their slightly more fuel-efficient products, using scare tactics like gas shooting up past the mythical $4 per gallon mark. Sure, in major metro areas like NYC and LA. But in Oklahoma? Give it a rest, Paul Newsome.

Fact is, even when gas was at its peak stateside, we were still stealing it compared to what people pay for it in every other country in the world. A bargain, says I. I guess nobody noticed the actual price difference was in England because they buy "petrol" by the "quid".

If gas is really too expensive, drive less. Find a way to carpool to work. Get a car you don't owe $17,000 on. Adjust your budget so you can afford to get around. I know. That might involve buying fewer Frutista Freezes, which is a shame, because last I heard, those things are topped with fresh strawberries. But in this economy, fresh strawberries are a luxury that will have to wait.

Or here's a wild thought. Look into alternative fuels. Not hybrid vehicles. That technology is still powered by that gas that you think is so expensive. Electricity, solar, wind, hydrogen, water, garbage. There's a lot of options.

Walk. Ride a bike. Those run on dead cows and wilted vegetables.

I mean, look at your current vehicle. Do you really need an F-250 to get you to and from work? Really? That sucker is so loud it sets off car alarms at my apartment complex when you drive by. Dump it and get something smaller. Heck, trade it in for a scooter. Two of your truck payments, and you own it outright!

I've found that the people who complain about gas prices are also people who are used to certain luxuries that life was able to provide for them back when gas was only $1.19 a gallon, and suffer from a stubborn unwillingness to adapt to current times. The truth is, being able to drive yourself anywhere you please is a pretty extravagant luxury when you think about it. It's wasteful, and as such, isn't an activity that should come cheap.

Me? I drive a lot. Close to 400 miles a week, on average. And I can afford it. I may have made cutbacks in other areas, but they weren't vital to my survival on this planet either.

Soon enough gas will go back up, and you'll hear people whining about it again. It does nothing to address the problem, and it just puts everyone in a sour mood.

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