Trolling the Genius Bar, Part 1

Genius: What seems to be the trouble?

Customer: Gimme back my stuff.

G: Uhh, what?

C: My stuff. Give it back.

G: What stuff?

C: The stuff on my phone. You took it, and I want it back.

G: I don't have your stuff.

C: Look, you're the genius here. My phone had stuff on it. I plugged it into my computer. Now it doesn't have that stuff on it anymore. I know you took it; give it back.

G: So you tried to run an update on the phone and it failed during the backup, right?

C: I dunno. I plugged it in and my stuff was gone. I know you have it, so just give it back so I can go to my Spin class.

G: It doesn't work that way. You're going to have to re-download all of your apps and movies and songs.

C: You thief! You steal my stuff, pretend you don't have it, and then tell me I have to re-buy it! This is an outrage!

G: Next in line, please?

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