Trolling the Genius Bar, Part 2

Genius: Good morning! Trouble with your phone?

Customer: Yeah, I left it on my kitchen counter this morning.

G: Okay, so what's the problem?

C: Well I absolutely can't live without it. Me and my girlfriends are meeting up for Bloody Maries in a couple of hours and they just have to be able to text message me!

G: So, just go back home and get it.

C: I don't have time for that! I've got a facial scheduled for– What time is it?

G: (Looks at time on his computer screen) It's 9:25.

C: Great, I'm late for my facial.

G: (Staring blankly at customer)

C: Well, what are you waiting for, mister Genius? Hurry up and download my phone so I can be about my business.

G: Download your phone. Do you understand what those words mean?

C: Stop wasting my time and just do it, already. Wow, the service around here is way worse than people say.

G: Ma'am, your phone, the one you left at your house, is a piece of hardware. Hardware cannot be "downloaded". If you misplace your phone, the only way you can continue using a phone is if you buy another phone.

C: I shouldn't have to buy another phone. I bought the warranty!

G: Ma'am, AppleCare does not cover you in the event that you misplace your phone. And I certainly cannot provide you with a replacement for the day just because you left it at home.

C: This is unbelievable! I can't function without my phone. My girlfriends will think I died or something.

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