Win A Trip To The Grammys!

A 2-liter Bottle of A&W root beer sits on my kitchen counter.

Its label touts a promotion offering a free trip to the 2004 Grammy awards show.

As with all commercial promotions, an image is included to get the root-drunken masses excited about watching a bunch of undertalented, overpaid "artists" win commercialized accolades funded through its own excesses. Clip art.

There's tons of musical clip art out there. As a satellite employee of the music industry, I know first hand.

With the Grammys, there's a ton of images that could be used to conjure up a sense of musical creativity and celebration. A Grammophone statue would be the first to come to mind, but still others would be equally


And what did A&W's graphics team end up with? A badly-drawn clarinet.

It's no secret that I'm not the president of the International Clarinet Advocacy Syndicate, but this is just about the most inappropriate place for a clarinet to pop up.

I asked a clarinetist when the last time a clarinet was even remotely involved in the Grammy festivities and he replied, with a shrug, "The Entertainer?"

He was probably right.

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