It's Not Easy Being Green

I believe Jim Henson has done amazing work in his lifetime. Not only in the field of puppeteering, but also in less obvious arenas like civil rights and cultural awareness.

It was with the Children's Television Workshop and Sesame Street that he introduced legions of youngsters to a world where a potpourri of different individuals with completely different social backgrounds shared a street corner, and their lives.

They looked beyond the colour of their feathers, hair, skin, and socioeconomic background and joined together as friends united in a common goal. Telling others not only how to get to Sesame Street, but teaching the world about letters, numbers, and the occasional difference between near and far.

Moving on from the realm of Sesame Street, many of the same characters from that series starred on the Muppet Show, alongside a number of new, never-before-seen creatures, all performing in harmony with each other (albeit in a more mature, and not always utopian manner).

All of these creatures regarded each other with a certain equality that is unrivaled by any other society out there. They recognized differences in each other, but did not form prejudices against each other based on those differences. Instead, they focused on common interests and let their friendships grow from there.

What really bothers me on a deeply moral front, is when these inter-monster relationships cross the platonic boundary and gain a romantic emphasis.

I mean, a pig and a frog? One was born live, the other hatched out of an egg and grew from a tadpole. The mating process is mind-boggling. And, throwing aside the findings of generations of geneticists, think of the offspring. If you can stomach it.

End interspecies Muppet-breeding today!

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