What's Your Hurry?

It seems like everywhere I look, people are whizzing by in a rush. They've got a long list of things to take care of, and by the look on their faces, not enough time to get it all done.

This behavior seems odd to me. Maybe it's because I'm a single male who's arranged his life to be as low-maintenance as possible, but I feel like it's self-destructive and can cause early-onset flapping madness.

How did life get so busy that no one has time for anything anymore? And how is my life so drastically different from this that I can see the difference between hectic and calm?

Seems like every time a new gadget is invented and subsequently sold to the masses as some time-saving miracle device, they're adopted faster than you have time to blink. Then, those purchasers (who likely don't even realize why they need the technology they just financed) have taken on one more responsibility to fill that void.

Idleness seems to make people feel nervous and guilty. Doesn't that seem wrong?

Technology doesn't exist to make us feel guilty. Well, some of it does. But it exists for the most part to make our lives easier. To remove the tedious tasks that don't require any creative thought and allow for more stimulating activities.

Address books.



Reference books.

Electronic banking.

Yes, they're all great things. I use them all. It frees my memory from being clogged with niggling details like when my next dental appointment is, or the ten random digits that, when dialed, will connect me to a close friend. Or that glorious, 100-response-long e-mail conversation that took place over a few weeks that changed topic 103 times.

But I'm not about to go out and volunteer to coach some little league team just because I've got Tuesday evenings free.

Tuesday evening is free because I intend to use it for myself. I may do absolutely nothing that night. That's okay. That's my time. Time for personal reflection, time for creative exercise, time to think about why I am who I am.

I suppose that's why everyone's so insecure all the time. They're so busy running around in their overbooked lives that they've never taken the time to go out on a date, just the one of them.

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