I'm Wrong

So I'm at Kinko's last night, trying to get one of Bahr's 11x17 goodies printed off from a .pdf file I formatted myself, and the lady behind the counter spends 45 minutes butchering the printout.

Danny and I return from a quick journey to Eskridge to scope out a rumoured '96 Integra to find that this woman had found some bizarre way to print off half of my 2-page document.

Half, as in one page, right?

Negative. Two half-pages. I don't know how she did it, but this mulletheaded "Team Member since 2002" managed to print the top half of each page on the bottom half of each 11x17 sheet of paper.

I've done this a few times before, and Ruth, the lady in charge through the overnight, has taken care of me within fifteen minutes every time with zero difficulty. She almost helped me this time, but good ol' Butch McMullet said, "Oh, I've got this one" just as she was about to process my job.

When she shows me what she came up with, I know something's a bit askew. Something from within her head. I stay civil throughout the ordeal, though. I know what jerk customers do to people at work.

When explaining to me why it didn't work, a lot of computer gibberish emerged from her mouth in an attempt to make me question what I did and go back home and fix it. She was also threatening to charge a $5 fee to go in and edit the .pdf herself. God knows what would've been the result of that proposed fiasco.

She obviously didn't know who she was dealing with, telling me that all computers are different and font...something...something...blah. IT'S AN ACROBAT FILE!!! THEY'RE THE SAME RE-FRICKIN-GARDLESS OF WHAT PLATFORM YOU'RE PRETENDING TO OPERATE!!!

After a heated discussion that lasted about five minutes, and mentioning that I wouldn't be able to pick up the job until the next morning, she finally decided that she could try again, having me return to the car to retrieve the disk which contained the original file.

Five minutes later she returns to the desk with two properly formatted pages and my disk and declared, "I fixed it; that'll be thirty-five cents."

Fixed what? There wasn't a problem.

Well, there was one problem, but it's one that has no solution.

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