Generally speaking, I'm never the decisive one of the group. Keeping that in mind, I received an IM last night from a distressed friend.

It seems he and a buddy had decided to grab food from a nearby eating establishment, but neither of them could decide which establishment they should patronise.

I'm not sure what avenues of decision-making they took advantage of prior to contacting me, but these two fellows were indeed in a bind.

The mere act of instant messaging an individual in another area code shows complete lack of personal willpower.

Of course, me being the fantastically helpful friend I am, I suggested (purely randomly, of course) that they pay the colonel a visit. They thanked me for my astute decision-making skills and went on their way to enjoy the grease-saturated goodness of corporate downhome fried chicken.

I knew Big Red's never been able to make a decision alone, but becoming friends with an individual with the same disorder seems unlikely. I mean, whose idea was it that they were to be friends? Even more distressing, how did they know they wanted to go somewhere to eat?

And how did they decide to contact me for a definitive answer?

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