Louisiana? Are You Crazy?

I find it a bit disturbing that no one seems to have any concept of Louisiana geography. Up until last Monday, the general public apparently thought New Orleans is the only city in the entire state.

Several people have expressed concern about the citizens in my hometown of Shreveport, who didn't even see a drop of rain from the hurricane. It was assumed that they were under several feet of water from a dambreak 5 hours away.

What has happened to New Orleans is indeed sad, but it doesn't help the state's public image much when the only footage they show you on television is of people getting around the flooded streets on boats. That's how America assumed Louisianians got around before all the flooding.

Nor does the increasing population of gators help disspell the common misconception that everyone with an LA driver's license has a scaly green pet in their backyard.

Imagine my dismay as I informed people this week that I'm headed to Louisiana this weekend:

-Louisiana? Are you crazy?
-My sister's having her wedding shower in Shreveport.
-Isn't that place flooded?
-Not even close. Look at a map.

What has society come to when we treat fellow states of our union as if they were a foreign country?

Of course, to be fair, we had just relocated from Shreveport to Tulsa shortly before the Murrah bombing. Once they heard the news, everyone we knew in Shreveport assumed we had our hair singed by the blast.

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