Stop Moving!!!

In the relentless pursuit of confounding the masses, I have once again moved my site.

You're welcome.

Both of you.

I'm opening a new branch of my web presence for prospective employers, where I shall post relevant information for them to peruse. Naturally, I could make them type in 'hotsoda' without them having any clue what that means, or even "trey is smart", but I can't expect them to agree with that until they get to know me.

So instead of all that informal crap, I'm giving them the excessively formal url of vybeauregard. It didn't really seem to fit the attitude of this site anyway.

But since you're a genius and never bookmarked my site, simply typing took you straight to the hideous portal of doom and/or gloom without you even noticing. You lazy bastard. Since you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the address bar at the top of your browser. Not only is it useful for forcing your browser to look at crap it's not interested in, it also tells you where you are right now.

I'm almost done talking down to you, hold on.

Ok, I guess I was done before.

Luckily, with Cox, I can sprawl all my crap across up to seven web accounts if I want to.

And eating up wired disk space is half the battle.

Actually, I'm just attempting to avoid Google indexing. That would indicate that this piece of crap is a web fixture. Upon hearing such news, I will likely destroy my entire web presence just before committing ritual seppuku in a wading pool in my neighbor's backyard. Trust me, no one wants that.

To recap, I'd like to state what this sounds like to people outside my head:

Hey, folks, I'm still alive. Nothing's different. I eat cheese every once in awhile, and I inhale and exhale quite regularly. My physician tells me that's the best way to live, so I'm sticking with his advice. I think a mosquito probably died since I last heard from you, but heck, there's a bunch more where that one came from, right? Speaking of mosquitoes, there's one buzzing in my ear right now, so we'll talk some other time.

Speaking of mosquitoes, I've got a few hundred souls to exterminate.

So in the future, when anyone personally asks me to update this collection of mental excrement, know that I will make my best effort to do so within a 48-hour period. If you've a topic in mind, even better.

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