Extreme Multitasking

The phone rings a few times.

I go downstairs to answer it, and as I suspected, it's Brandon.

I pick up just after the last ring right before the machine picks up, and the first thing I hear is a loudspeaker asking to take someone's order.

Amazing timing.

Seriously. He probably dialed me when he was one car back. I'm wondering if he actually thought, considering the content, the conversation he was about to have could possibly be squeezed into twenty seconds.

Frighteningly, he apparently made it through that ordeal with minimal pauses, and also managed to get some cocktail sauce for his supper simultaneously. As soon as he drove away from the second window, he had also completed his phone conversation.

I was impressed and slightly annoyed simultaneously.

That seems like the kind of talent that could be exploited for 8-10 episodes on some crappy network reality program.

They'd start off with just doing two things at once, such as the whole order in the drive-thru and conduct a phone conversation at the exact same time, completing both activities simultaneously.

Then, they'd add more difficult activities like winning a round of Frisbee-golf and conducting a phone interview for your dream job, or operating a manual elevator while coaching your uncle on how to set up his new wireless router.

After that started to get old, they'd pile on a third activity that must also take the exact same amount of time as the other two tasks.

So tune in next week for checkbook-balancing/bathtub-scrubbing/coaching-a-woman-through-childbirth! 8/7 central on NBC!

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