Offensive Joke of the Day

A man with leprosy goes to the barber shop one day and asks the barber for a shave.

The barber complies, not knowing upfront that this customer has leprosy. About halfway through the shave, the normally cautious barber accidentally nicks the leper's ear, removing a large chunk of it from his head.

The leper can't feel this, so he says nothing, but by this point the barber is quietly freaking out.

As he finishes the job, the other ear is hacked off along with some chunks of flesh from beneath the leper's chin.

Before he is done, he excuses himself for a moment, runs to the back room and returns to collect the leper's severed parts and complete the shave.

Finally, they're done. The leper pays with a $20 bill, and the barber counts out his change. Included with the change is a plastic sack with the severed parts inside, but just then the leper says, “Oh, you can keep the change.”

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