Orchestration Midterm Study Guide

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Macro Timeline

1470 1597 1624 1626 1686 1700 1709 1760 1800 1806
Weaver's 1st orchestra Gabrieli's
Sonata Pian e Forte
Monteverdi's pizzicato and tremolo f/x 1st permanent orchestra:
Le Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi
under Lois XIII
Lully's string mute f/x Clarinet Piano Stopped Horn f/x End of basso continuo Trombones debut in Beethoven's 5th
Timeline - 1700-1800
1700 1730 1760 1778 1795 1800
orchestra mainly used for opera 1st orchestra pieces, .it overture form Haydn's 1st 40 symphonies used basso Mozart #31 "Paris" Haydn #100 Basso has vanished
ww consisted of .ob, due to Lully's military oboe band indroduces .cl, independent, divisi .vla
4 parts, no standard orchestra, often consisted of .ob, .bn [basso], .hn, .tpt+.tmp, .hpschd [basso] Symphony in 8 parts: 2.ob, 2.hn, 2.vn, 1.va, basso #6 introduces .fl Opens with Le premier coup d'archet Perc adds Triangle and Bass Drum, among others Standard Orchestra (a la Beethoven 3): 2222.2200.T.archi

French Overture: slow/dotted rhythms|fast/imitative accompaniment - II section style devised by Lully

Sinfonia: fast|slow|faster - III movement predecessor to Symphonic form

Intermedii: pre-1600 practice of between-act commentaries on the play being performed at festivals. Inspiration for Monteverdi's version of Orfeo

Concert Spirituel: The opera was not allowed to play on Sundays/holy days. The instrumentalists would instead perform purely instrumental works. Mozart 31 was premiered at this event.

Symphony in 8 parts: 2ob, 2hn, 3 upper strings, basso

Clarino brass writing: allowed more notes to be played by natural brass instruments. The higher notes are closer together in the overtone series and facilitate the performance of more scale tones.

year composer title/mvmt
1605 Dowlan Lacrymae Antiquae
1607 Monteverdi Orfeo/Overture, act IV
1670 Lully from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme: Overture and Marche pour a ceremonie des Turcs
1692 Purcell Ode on St. Cecilia's Day
17xx Bach Brandenburg concerto #2/ I, II
17xx Gluck Orfeo/Overture, Quel noveua ciel pour ces lieux
1761 Haydn #6/I
1793 Haydn #100/II
1778 Mozart #31/I
1788 Mozart #40/I
  Handel Music for the Royal Fireworks, Overture
  Handel Water Music/ alla horn pipe, andante & allegro
1804 Beethoven #3/II
1824 Beethoven #9/IV
18xx Weber Der Freischutz Overture
1816 Rossini Barber of Seville Overture

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