I've never been a big fan of Adobe's portable document format. Its use across the internet has rendered its intended use completely useless. Corporations have been posting text-only documents in this format for years on their websites for the sole purpose of maintaining pagination and typefaces, resulting in lengthy download times for relatively small amounts of information.

Once I began working for IT, I loathed yet another aspect of the format: these documents eat printer memory when an uninitiated user prints them off, slowing print times from pages-per-minute to minutes-per-page.

But over the past few weeks I've found myself whoring myself to this format more and more.

One part of me rejoices in the flawless cross-compatibility this format boasts, while another part hangs his head in shame at the person I've become; the very person I loathe.

I can make excuses about why all day long, citing my use of different programs to format different segments of a single multi-page document due its to musical and textual requirements, but the bottom line is, I've become the acrobat user I love to hate.

I suppose next I'm destined to become an avid Macintosh user, followed by a loyal KrispyKreme patron, Abercrombie & Fitch customer, Civic-owning riceboy, and finally, a Gay-Enabled American.

Someone, please stop the chain reaction.

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