The Phone Message

All Message. Playback.

Hey Daniel, it's Jill. Listen, honey, Gary wanted me to give you a call. Um, I'm just sitting on a plane and he didn't have time, but he wanted me to let you know.

Remember those guys that do those uh, stock promotions? They're getting ready to start another one this week, and they just did, let me make sure, AUML, and the other one was CNDD.

Uh, he said the next one you could get in on was Y-P as in Paul-I-L, I think. Yeah, YPIL. It's a communications company that's doing some sort of free long distance service called The Yapper.

Anyway, he said he thought it's gonna be the best one, uh, the best stock promo this year. It's at sixty-eight cents right now, they think it's gonna go up to like six or seven dollars, something outrageous.

Um, but anyway, he said you needed to get in on it in the morning before the price starts going up because he definitely wanted in on this one.

So, um, give him a call later on tonight, and um, I'll be talking to you soon. Bye, sweetie.

Thursday. Six. Twenty-eight. PM.

End of final message.

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