Pranksters' Paradise

Now I'll be the first to admit, I've got a loopy sense of humour. Understanding that, it would make sense that today would be my favorite day of the entire year.

So, because it would make sense, it isn't true. It's this kind of logic that apparently keeps me on this earth to begin with.

Ordinarily, I would enjoy the juvenalia of April Fools' day, historically regarded as the idiot's new year. But because my own personal new year falls immediately afterwards, I never really get into the whole "there's a huge bloodthirsty spider behind you and it's gonna suck your blood until you're two-dimensional" mode of its celebration.

Then, with the internet rolling around, every webmaster and his dog got this outrageously unique idea to change the content of his site for 24 hours as a joke on all of its regular visitors. How clever.

Personally, I prefer a more cerebral approach to the whole matter: don't play any tricks on anybody for 24 hours.

Then people will start getting suspicious.

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