For most people, rain is a depressant. Especially when the current rainfall patterns manifest themselves. Two straight weeks is enough for the average coffee-draining-bagel-cream-cheesing-morning-person/excessively-bubbly-speed-addict to commit suicide.

On me, however, the effect appears to be inversed. When it rains for months on end and there hasn't been a sign of direct sunlight in what seems like years, I appear to be more energetic than usual.

Ah, but this effect is merely an illusion.

You see, because I have no external emotions, my mood can only be deduced from comparing my external facade with that of those around me. When the sun's out and everybody's skipping around with rainbows in the sky and bunnies and deer frolicking in the background, I appear to be a miserable pile of gloomy misfortune. Why? Because I can't stand being in the presence of the act of frolicking.

Meanwhile, everybody around me, in times of questionable contentment, tries to force themselves to be happy with concocted thoughts of success and love.

Personally, I don't see the point in that. Depression is a natural part of the cycle of human emotions. Without it, happiness would be completely meaningless, and let's face it, a little on the extra-creepy side of matters.

Life is not a series of happy moments. It is a complex series of events varying in positive or negative emotional content. Many events may even contain no emotional content one way or the other. All events must be taken in stride, as no single event that takes place in the course of anyone's life can completely destroy or build up the overall contentment factor thereof.

Conversely, life is also not a series of unhappy moments. Depression and thoughts of suicide are common, even in the most outwardly happy of individuals. Acting on these thoughts is foolish, however, because it is based on the assumption that life will steadily become more and more unbearable as time goes on. These individuals focus too prominently upon the negative events that take place in their lives, regardless of the magnitude of those events, and completely disregard anything positive that ever happens to them in the period of contemplation.

If you're not satisfied with your current state of existence, wait an hour or two. If you're happy, enjoy it; just don't continue that same instance of enjoyment seven weeks after the happiness was initiated.

Emotional difficulties are often rooted in one's inability to either let go of the past or stop worrying about the future. The concept of relative time must be grasped to enjoy a fulfilling existence in our allotted time here in reality. The past is behind us and provides us with things from which we are to learn and events that should be recalled every once in a blue moon to bring a fleeting smile to our faces. The future is coming regardless of whether you want it to or not, so you better keep your heads up so you can respond to its requirements effectively.

Just keep this in mind: regardless of who you are, what friends you have, or what those friends may say, there are tons of folks that care, and they may even admit it to your face.

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