The Red Flag

So I was surfing Wikipedia, as usual, when I stumbled upon a little factoid that particularly piqued my interest.

I was reading about the fall of communism in Russia, and it seems that on 31 December, 1991, the Red Flag, ever a symbol of Socialist ideology, was lowered over the Kremlin for the last time. Touching.

Drilling a bit deeper, I discovered that several US states during the cold war passed laws banning the flying of red flags. Even more interesting, Oklahoma is the only state left that hasn't repealed that law. Yet another reason to wonder why I live here.

Now, I'm not a Socialist. I don't think. But what I do think is that Oklahoma should repeal such an outdated law. The law prohibiting pedestrians from consuming a hamburger while walking backwards in downtown OKC was cute. (Or at least was cute, until a bit of research failed to confirm this popular internet falsehood.) If Oklahoma can repeal the backwards hamburger pedestrian law, certainly it will repeal the Cold-War relic "anti-commie" law.

I'm figuring the only reason it's still law is because it hasn't come up in a court of law since 1991. So here's my plan:

I am flying a red flag from my car.


This one.

I am now taking bets for...

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