As a college senior and a relatively well-balanced 21-year-old, I'd like to think of myself as a responsible human being.

It's a weird feeling though. I mean, every day, I come in contact with people who are having printing problems in the labs and are upset because the project they were working on was due an hour and fifteen minutes ago. This problem wouldn't exist if responsibility came into play.

And such mishaps usually don't happen to me.

Another example of irresponsibility came to me as I was driving to campus this afternoon. Somehow, at a T-intersection with a stoplight, two cars were stalled on the corner, both facing inward, and both had sustained hideous cosmetic (and surely internal) damage from a head-on collision. In broad daylight. I'll not make any speculations here, I'll just point out that both parties were of the female persuasion, and one was driving a heretofore nice-looking Camaro.

The thing that bothers me is, while I'm busy being responsible, the rest of society decides it's party time, and the final authority on pleasureful enjoyment is an entity dubbed "luck".

So they drink, they party, they fornicate with all manner of animate and inanimate objects, and once a limb is chopped off or expensive material objects are destroyed, they blame their misfortune on anything that isn't themselves.

Own up to your mistakes, or you'll be forced into an identical situation in a very short period of time. These misfortunes are retributions against your refusal to join the rest of rational society in responsibility.

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