Cusstomer Service

Customer service is lame.

2 points for stating the obvious.

This is not news to anyone, including myself, but a jarring reminder of this axiom is the A&E "reality" series "Airline". Those are customers nobody wants to be around.

If I'm ever completely fed up with the parade of scum that comes through my place of employment, this show's here to show me I haven't even reached the proverbial iceberg yet.

There is a certain level of skill in the field of customer service that the vast majority of employees in that field lack: people skills. I am one of those.

The relationship between consumer and business is based on a number of unreasonable demands: The business expects the customer to take everything they offer at face value. The customer expects the business to bend over backwards to make sure the customer's needs have been met to the fullest.

Rarely does the customer accept everything a business communicates at face value. They want discounts, price breaks, products that don't exist, and special treatment because they want to be valued as a human being.

The business end is based on lies. 100% markups and cruel return policies are the bible of such institutions. If it's in stock, we have it. If it's not, we could get it, but probably won't. Have a nice day, but don't take up more than 45 seconds of my time.

Management at just about every establishment in the country hires the inexperienced and places them at the most direct level of interaction with their customers and pretend that they are operating at maximum efficiency. Usually, this is done with almost no formal training, and at the lowest wages in the company.

Nowhere in the curriculum of the average institution of formal learning, is a course given in customer service. I suppose it is assumed that no one with any educational background would stoop so low as to actually accept a job that takes their natural talents for granted.

A few people out there have the skill, however. These special individuals have encountered the worst of scenarios and come out with both the customer and the place of business relatively content.

The ones who are good at it should be paid the most. Those who aren't can more efficiently help the company in other ways that don't involve so much customer interaction.

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