By an impolite demand from one Chad M. McKinney, it has been brought to my attention that I should place some new html on the ever-expanding internet.

Actually, the internet is not expanding. Quite the opposite is the case.

It is assumed that once any given page is posted to the internet it stays there for eternity and can always be linked to for future reference.

But, for various reasons, webmasters decide to delete certain pages whose relevance has faded over timed be it due to space concerns, redesign compatibility issues, or maybe the individual in charge of disk quotas was just having a bad day and went on a random deleting spree.

All I know is, pages I have relied on for information in the past are now gone. Searching in days gone by for the phrase hot soda apparatus, for example, formerly led a scourer of the internet to a site dedicated to old soda fountain equipment, the history of the soda fountain, as well as tasty soda fountain recipes and a glossary of soda jerk jargon.

It also contained a wealth of information pertaining to an old relic, the Hot Soda Apparatus, a device so bizarre, a dysfunctional band was eventually named after it. Hindsight would have urged me to back up that entire site on my hard drive somewhere, but at the time, I assumed it would be there for posterity's edification. As usual, I was wrong, but I did manage to save the most important image of all, the apparatus itself.

Further proving my point, in an effort to hyperlink to the image discussed above, I have just discovered that my own hot soda apparatus site has apparently been erased by freeservers.

Something must be done about this problem.

The world is not running out of disk space. Hard drives are being churned out of places like CompUSA and Best Buy like beef from a slaughterhouse, and they're bigger than ever. More and more computers are connected to the internet thanks to the ubiquity of broadband internet access, so why are these companies trying to conserve space?

It can't be a bandwidth issue either, because these pages are rarely accessed. That rare instance when they are requested, however, it is very important that the document be there in its pristine original digital condition.

We must now band together, and demand that nothing be deleted from our precious internet. After all, we're gonna need that flash animation of George W. Bush being sodomized by a pack of troll dolls for a multimedia history report someday.

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