Ooh, Snow!

I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Whenever that sky dandruff descends upon us, I hear people going nuts about how beautiful the snow is, how it's blanketing the grass with purity, how it gracefully drifts toward the earth. And they talk about making things with the snow. Snow angels, snow men, snow cones, snow forts, snow kittens, snow sharks, snow castles. Yellow snow.

But what is it, really?

Precipitation. Glorified, delayed rain. Much-needed moisture that we have to watch melt, sometimes for weeks at a time.

This go-round was pretty bearable though. All day today, the temperature stayed above freezing: something I've never had the pleasure of experiencing before. Therefore, the snow that did accumulate did so only as a result of the torrential magnitude of the weather system, and once it stopped, the snow began to melt.

Before it turned to oily slush.

I got a few odd looks for not wearing a coat today, but I honestly wasn't cold enough outside to need one. The only other time it was snowing on me and I wasn't wearing a coat was while I was soaking in a Colorado hot tub in mid-April.

But why don't these people get as worked up about other natural phenomena as they do over snow? I mean, rain is just as miraculous as snow. And tornadoes... well, I know of a few folks who lose it when they hear of tornado conditions in the area, so bad example.

It's the kind of event that takes place so often that it should suffer from the same ennui that ensues when you hear the same song on two radio stations playing at the same time, or getting a slug in change at the video store instead of a quarter. Or logging onto my website and finding out there's a new topic to read.

I would suggest that maybe one grows out of the awe and wonder expressed during a snow event, but even the older folks I was around today chimed in as they peered out the window, "Ooh, Snow!" or "It's Snowing!"

Seems I'm to be surrounded by blithering idiots my whole life.

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