Space Age

"Constructed using only the latest in space-age technology! Order now!"

Do marketers these days even know the meaning of words? What are they saying about this product? Think logically. "Space-age." When was the space age? Is that the future? Well, let's see... the space age began in the 1960's, right? According to the government, we landed on the moon in 1969. While the actual occurrence of that event remains debatable in certain social circles, a few simple facts remain. We haven't touched the moon's surface with human feet since that time. Thirty-three years. Sounds a bit dated, doesn't it? Sure, we've been tinkering around with Mir and the Hubble and all that crap, making poor scientists camp out in a place with no oxygen for months at a time, but here on earth, our focus for progress has strayed massively from what lies in the heavens.

We have transcended the space age through the cable age, the computer age, the politically correct age, the internet age, and even the digital age. Now we live in an age where, if AT&T wireless has its way with its nefarious m-Life scheme, we can connect with another human being not only whenever we want, but wherever and using whichever means of communication desired.

So, basically, when a product is being manufactured using only the latest in space-age materials, think twice. Chances are, somebody had that same idea while wearing a stylish polyester jumpsuit and cruising around in a brand new Chevy Nova: the car of the Space Age.

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