Exit, Stage Left

The time has come for me to return home. My undergraduate education is to reach its terminus in under two weeks, as is my apartment lease.

By all accounts, I would stay here and continue participating in the vibrant arts culture that thrives here, but it is a financial impossibility.

It seems that only recently have I involved myself in such an immersive way in the community of composers, but I have both taught and learned volumes from the collaboration.

To stay. To produce art. To perform. To thrive intellectually. These are the things I long for. These are the things that will have me traveling back again and again.

It just struck me that all that hooey old folks throw at you about college being the best years of your life just might hold a little bit of truth. Stupid me for not realising it earlier. For being to busy to notice.

College, for most people is an opportunity to get hammered, get laid, and get stoned, in that order. For me, it was a chance to grow intellectually, to learn, to teach, to explore new ideas, to disregard old ideas.

But while my physical presence is being shifted northeasterly, my digital presence shall only be amplified. The internet, being the single greatest invention of the twentieth century, will serve to keep my presence, influence, and active thought with those who remain here.

Thank you, internet, for keeping the lines of communication constantly open wide, even for meaningless chatter. Otherwise, falling out of touch would be all too easy.

Because nothing is sadder than someone saying, "I wonder what Trey's doing these days..."

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