Talk Radio

It seems like every moment they're awake, all people do is talk.

On the way to work, they're on the phone. Once they're at work, they start on with their co-workers about what they did last night. Then they call up clients and talk about business. At lunch, there's talking between bites, occasionally with mouths full of food. More talking after lunch, then it's back to the car. As soon as the car is shifted into gear, the mobile phone is speed dialing whoever is lucky enough to be under speed dial 1. Then they're at home. What's for dinner? Tell me about your day. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.

It's mind-numbing. Sometimes you need some time with no talk. …Don't you?

This is why I find all these cable news networks so unfathomable. How do you talk about right now twenty-four hours a day? And on seven different networks?

But at least viewers can hide behind the façade of caring about current events and such. What's even more unimaginable than that is a radio station that yammers on and on and on about sports. All day. Every day. With tons of loud commercial breaks interspersed with callers spewing bile about whatever team beat whoever else last weekend.

I borrowed my boss' demo yesterday and as soon as I cranked it up, My brain was immediately bombarded with sports talk radio. It wasn't just on, it was cranked up fairly loud. As in the same volume I'd have been listening to Nine Inch Nails or Venetian Snares. There was so much loud, opinionated talking going on, I could barely concentrate on backing his truck out of the parking space without hitting a dumpster.

Evidently, a ton of people listen to this station. The on-air personalities are supposed local celebrities with fountains of cash falling from on high. They even hooked up a live remote from my work one day. I guess that's pretty easy for a radio station to do when all they do is talk on the phone all day long.

But how can anybody stand listening to this stuff? Who honestly cares how well the Tecumseh JV basketball squad is doing this season enough to call in to a radio station about it? Who wants to discuss the Hornets' salaries at length with a guy who's got more money than Jesus? Where's the appeal in people yelling about whether the Pac 10 ref made the right call after a lengthy instant replay review?

I mean, there's already ESPN. And ESPN2. And ESPNews. Not to mention Fox Sports Net (the AM radio of cable sports). That's plenty of talk about sports. Why must more frequency space be wasted on people trying to relive their glory days when all they really need to do is relax, put on some quiet music, and get lost in their own thoughts for a little while?

Remember easy listening radio stations? Can't we bring those back? Maybe they'd bring a little of that sanity you've been missing along with them.

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