Man's worst enemy. There's either too much of it, and boredom ensues, or there's not enough of it and several blood vessels are burst, sending man to the emergency room.

This summer. I had too much time. I worked around 30-ish hours each week and came home to do nothing. And when I do nothing, I plop down in front of the TV and rot my brain with reruns of Saturday Night Live. God bless Comedy Central.

So then my final year as an undergrad finally starts up and I suddenly realise that in order to complete my degree with any future usefulness intact, I must create a portfolio filled with my version of the traditional ensembles that have been in use as musical institutions since what seems like the beginning of musical time:

...And just when I had decided that a traditional form like a saxophone quartet would be a cool project to spend my creativity on. The part of me that wasn't angry or disappointed with this brand-new development understood that this project was indeed necessary if I am ever to become useful as a composer.

But I only have two semesters to not only write for these ensembles, but to do so eloquently and skillfully. Please note here that only one of these ensembles even pretends to include my primary instrument known in some circles as the "vibrato chainsawphonic wave scrambler"

Allright, it's known in no circles as that, but regardless, it is quite possibly the least respected of all the instruments available to the modern composer's arsenal.

So now, when I'm not in the computer labs, in class, or sleeping, I'm cursed to sit in front of my home computer, trying to come up with superstructures, chord voicings, and extended techniques for instruments I know very little about.

A daunting task, to be sure, but with a little faith and perseverence, I think I may be able to pull it off.

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