Top 10 Best Things Of The Decade In The Universe

Everywhere you look, as long as you're looking on the internets, you're gonna run into an article trying to sum things up. Whether it's 2009, a whole decade, or various pro golfers' careers, it's a cheap way to run file stories, not have to dig for new information, and fill up space on your blog.

And since I love trendchasing, here's the official Entertain Yourself Immediately Top 10 Best Things Of The Decade In The Universe:



That one was easy. Bacon belongs in every list ever created. If I find a list trying to wrap up a decade only to discover that decade is not wrapped in bacon, that list has zero credibility.



Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you. I haven't had a math class in eleven years, but it keeps getting more and more awesome.

They're putting math in breakfast now.


Tech Support.

Face it, even though you hate calling these people (and most of the time they hate having to talk to your ignorant face), these people are good at their job and nine times out of ten they can resolve your issue on that phone call. Even Indian support helped me resolve a fried graphics card on my laptop within three days, and those folks love the work.


Fuji Apples.

They are delicious, but not in the Golden Delicious sense. Those taste awful.



You're not going to argue with anything called "Vampire Squid From Hell," are you?



This one sort of speaks for itself. If you've experienced it, I'm pretty sure you and Mother Nature aren't on speaking terms.



It's not actually as stupid as I thought it was a year ago. Well, it is. But you can turn that part off.


Taking an object and using it for a purpose it was not originally intended to fulfill.


This sentence.

Yeah, that one. Read it again, it was that great.

In fact, pause for a few moments and contemplate just what a magnificent sentence that really was.


The fact that, even though some horrifying, unspeakable things have taken place in the past ten years, there are still folks out there making new and exciting discoveries in a vast array of fields and interests. And that those folks want to share their discoveries with you and me.

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