Everywhere you look, someone is telling you that they're exposing a truth that no one wants you to know. Listen to them and you will finally have an understanding of The Truth.

Especially hilarious are politicians who always have The Truth on their opponent, but somehow can never recall The Truth regarding themselves.

These people are professional liars.

All of them.

They've spent years in training. Written books on the psychology of a person in search for answers. They know what to say in order to elicit the response they're trying to get out of you. You are being manipulated by your own quest for The Truth.

The fault doesn't lie with the seeker, though. It's a noble enough undertaking. Who wouldn't want to uncover the raw Truth for a deeper understanding of life and consciousness?

It's all of these Truth Vendors. They're wily and manipulative and only have their own evil agendas at heart. Someone should put a stop to them!

Not so fast.

Sure, Truth Vendors are manipulative and don't have your best interest at heart. But neither does anyone else; how can you trust anyone who doesn't have your best interest at heart? They only see you as your money, and as long as it continues to stream itself into their bank accounts, they'll tell you whatever you need to hear.

But they're right there! They're on TV, they've got websites filled with all sorts of revelations you'll never find in the mainstream media! It's so… convenient.

The Raw Truth is a dirty, awful, unpalatable thing. It's always much simpler than expected and, while it's always tucked into some remote alcove where no one would ever think to look, tends to be a bit anticlimactic when it's finally been uncovered.

When it's being delivered to a mass market, it's always dressed up and tucked away inside a slick, ready-to-eat package. And it feels so good when we consume it!

But just like a White Castle slider, it's a modicum of nutrition surrounded by a thousand unpronounceable chemicals that will almost certainly spell out your doom.

And just like that last metaphor, it only holds up if you don't poke at it too much.

The other thing about The Truth that gets ignored all the time is this: The Truth is an intensely personal quest. You have to do the work to obtain it. It cannot be spoon-fed to you. You must do the digging. You must find out where the lies are, where the corruption lurks, and tear it away until you're left with nothing but the purest, most elemental form of Truth.

What you must not do, once this has been uncovered, is try to hit anyone else over the head with what you have found. And under no circumstances should you try to sell your findings to another. These actions betray your quest and the Truth that you uncovered.

The best thing you can do for another who searches for The Truth is to give them your support, equip them with the tools they need to discover The Truth on their own, and maybe a few subtle pushes in the right direction.

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