The Undercurrent Did It Again

Now, I've had a deeply-seated hatred for the on-campus student-produced left-wing Undercurrent newspaper (an "alternative" "student" "publication" of the "University" of "Oklahoma") for some time now, but it just got weirder.

On page 9 of the 18 September issue, there is an article entitled, 1337 niNJ4 h4x0r d00dz C0nv3N3 in v3645 F0R d3FC0N x.

I immediately soiled my undergarments, for while speaking or typing in L337 can be humourous, it should never find its way in the realm of press, where it is possible for a little bit of credibility to be maintained.

As for now, while it had very little, it now has none.

Thank you Undercurrent, and thank you Stefan Morris and Eric Webb.

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