Fear the Unknown

My whole life, I've been taught to fear the unknown. Staying with the familiar option was safe. Any variant from what we're used to is bad. Seems like a good idea on the surface, especially for young children.

But for a young adult like myself, it's a great way to be forever embedded in a rut. And if the unknown is fervently and piously avoided, eventually I would be helpless against my universe of sameness.

If, for example, I traveled to Italy around age 15 and taken into a local family's home, I would naturally have been afraid. And when they were to serve unfamiliar dishes at dinnertime, not only would I have been most uncomfortable, but my hosts would be deeply offended by my reluctance to partake of their bountiful meal.

There comes a point in a human's timeline that the idea of safety should be eschewed for the unknown. If I were to be in that situation today, clearly I would regard the 15-year-old's behavior as completely insane. Hospitality in countries abroad should be valued above all else. And the food I would have missed out on by turning my inexperienced nose up at it? Deeply regrettable.

I've seen people who play it safe. I see them every day. They find themselves stuck in unfulfilling employment, trying to earn enough money to make the unfulfilling relationship at home worth their while. I refuse to become this.

Thirteen years ago, a decision was made that would affect the course of my life. A desision that was not mine. Had I been given a choice, I would not have elected to relocate to Oklahoma.

Flash forward to now. I've been playing it relatively safe. Graduated from high school while living with my parents. Went to college in-state while being partially funded by my parents. After graduation, moved back in with my parents and got an unfulfilling job. Playing it safe.

From that point, I made my first effort to break the cycle. With no employment prospects, I decided to move to a different city. I'm still in a state I never chose to live in, but in this temporary foothold, I'm working out a plan to take control of my life.

I'm not done.

I won't be done until I find myself in a fulfilling place in life.

Where will my journey take me? I don't know. Is that scary? Maybe it is. That all depends on how you define what is scary. If you define the unknown as scary, then yes.

I don't. Not anymore. The unknown is something that can be mapped out. Gradually, step-by-step, I can define the unknown, chipping away some of the mystery that enshrouds it. Then, I can look back at what was once unknown and declare it now known.

What I now see in the unknown is unrealised possibilities, and I think that is an exciting way to approach the future. My future.

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