The Upgrade!

It seems unlikely to me that a group of artists from across the globe would come together for an exposition of their works in a place like Oklahoma. Some of them are visiting the United States for the first time in their lives, and the first impression they get is an airport named after a cowboy.

It was especially not a representative experience for the first-timers, also because the day they arrived, the entire state was douched with over a foot of snow, something I haven't witnessed in my entire life.

Being around these folks for a weekend was certainly an eye-opening experience. Their exhibits were cutting-edge, and their perspectives fresh and thought-provoking. Just being in the presence of people active in the international arts community made me feel more intelligent.

The truly humbling aspect of these visitors from such places as Portugal, Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria, is that they all have learned English as a way to communicate with each other. I don't know enough of any of their languages to even ask for extra ketchup or where the facilities are, and they carry on a conversation about programming in Java and MAX/MSP just like any of my colleagues.

The fun part was explaining what calling "Shotgun!" meant.

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