Orchestration Study Guide

Not entertaining. Just helpful for Wednesday's exam. Look somewhere else for something less educational and more amusing.

Instrument Family Instrument Transposition
Range Dynamic Curve
High Low Written Low»High
Flute Piccolo (Picc.) ^P8 HHigh C D piccolo.gif <|
Flute As written HHigh D Middle C flute.gif
Alto Flute vP4 High G Middle C altoflute.gif
Oboe Oboe As written High A Bb oboe.gif |>
English Horn in F vP5 High F# B englishorn.gif
Clarinet Eb Piccolo Clarinet ^m3 High A Low E clarinet.gif [F#-Bb]
Bb Clarinet ^M2 High A Low E
A Clarinet vm3 High A Low E
Bass Clarinet vM9 High A LLowC bsclarinet.gif
Bassoon Bassoon As written 2nd-Spc. E (G clef) Low Bb (A) bassoon.gif |>
Contrabassoon vP8 3rd-Spc. C (G clef) Low A contrabn.gif

No, seriously. That was *NOT* entertaining. I can't believe you're reading this. Go to somethingawful or something.

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