Allright, I admit. I was spending so much time in frontpage that I actually *cared* about what the page looked like once rendered in a decent web browser. I tweaked the design a bit and then went over to dreamweaver to create a style sheet. And I think it looks good. So I'm keeping it.

Eat more chicken.
Enjoy the fine arts.
Look up a few skirts now and then.
Balance your checkbook.
Rotate your tires.
Take a walk.
Hit backspace twelve times.
Listen to your mother.

Brush your teeth.
Light the newspaper on fire.
Make a phone call.
Lie on your résumé.
Place a note in your own lunch.
Hug a telescope.
Crank the hifi to eleven.

Watch reruns of Johnny Carson.
Mow the right-of-way.
Shave your back.
Buy ice cream for the kids next door.
Go swimming.
Tell your boss what's on your mind.
Play hide-and-seek.
Use your outside voice.
Let go and enjoy yourself.

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